Top 10 Weird Food in Universe

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Good Lord! Has no one written about the joys of Scrapple? My mom used to say that it was made of all the leftover parts (scraps) of the pig except the oink. It's sort of a gelatinous mass made up of the aforementioned strange pig parts (lips, snout, organs, etc.) plus a bit of cornmeal and ???. This grayish mash is apparently cooked for a while before being poured into brick-sized molds to solidify! Sliced and fried, it's part of a healthy Pennsylvania breakfast. My wife and I have a theory that the only way you can eat SCRAPPLE is to have done so as an unsuspecting child so that you acquire a taste for it before you truly understand it's components. Otherwise you'd just throw up.   
(East Europe)
It's a classic Eastern European Jewish dish that's made from calves' feet and ends up looking like translucent Jello, with a garlicky flavor. It wobbles like crazy, which scares me to no end.
Pig liver, kidney, and heart cut in small pieces and cooked together with some spices.
Rat (Northern Thailand, Karen Hill Tribe) When I visited a Karen Hill Tribe village in northern Thailand (near the Mayanmar border) I was invited to try my host's breakfast with them. This consisted of what was described to me as 'small animal' which when I saw it was clearly a rat, cooked whole over an open fire, then served in a bowl of extremely hot chili stock with a bowl of glutinous sticky rice. The whole family shares this one dish. The Karen people do keep domestic farm animals like pigs, chickens and buffalo, but these are only slaughtered for food on very special occasions. Everyday food is sourced from hunting in the jungle, so consists of whatever small animals end up on the wrong end of a sling shot (and these guys are good with a sling shot!). Rat was quite a tasty way to start the day, the meat tastes a bit like rabbit (and those chilies are HOT!), but needless to say I didn't eat too much...
Calf's Head
Tete de veau (Calf's Head). A delicacy in France. A British relative living in France raved about it so I ordered it in a restaurant. I was green until the waiter took it away. Basically, the fleshy bits of a calf's head, cooked for a long time and cut into squares, each consisting of a few strings of slimy meat and a 1cm thick layer of fat/gelatinous glop. The brain is served in the corner of the plate.
Variations on this include hog's head cheese and souse meat. Scrapple originated among the Pennsylvania Dutch and basically involves boiling a pig's head and grinding that meat up with some organ meat, mixing it with corn meal, and adding some spices. This mixture is formed into loaves and chilled. It's sliced and fried and eaten for breakfast in the mid-Atlanta areas. The best scrapple is Rapa Scrapple, made in Bridgeville, Delaware. I love the stuff, but lots of people read the ingredients or look at the gray loaf and excuse themselves. The people who aren't from DE/MD/PA who I can get to try it usually end up liking it, however.
Jellied Cow's Foot
(Called "nozki" in Polish). Buy a cow's foot in a butcher shop, chop it up and cook for hours & hours in water with spices, garlic, salt, pepper, etc. It is a good idea to evacuate the house during cooking time to avoid the overwhelming smell. Then pour this mess into a large flat pan and refrigerate. It sets to a nice translucent grey jelly with a layer of fat on top. Cut into large cubes and serve with lots of horseradish to kill the taste.
Beef Tatar
Raw hamburger with raw chopped onion, salt and pepper
Pig Head
Ok one more story from Hungary. This is called cold soup. Here I was out in the countryside, with my girlfriend and we were going to visit her aunts who had never seen someone from the states. As I walked in to the house there was a pig head with a rod driven though its head. The head was dripping a jelly-like stuff in to a pan on the floor and there were bits of something in the pan, also about 12 cats were also there. So the girlfriend asked me do I want so cold soup, my answer was no thanks, she then scooped out a big helping and started to eat it I was all most sick and as she had a big smile on her face a gloss on her lips she wanted to kiss, I didn't for at least a week. (flashbacks still haunt me)
Pork Brains
(US South)
It's exactly what it sounds like and is extremely common (but very seldom spoke of) in the south. For some reason pork brains are canned in milk gravy and sold in many grocery stores around the south. Unlike many "specialty foods", you are more likely to find pork brains in a small-town grocery store. It can usually be found in the same vicinity of potted meat product or other canned meat/meat parts. On the front of the can pork brains are being served atop scrambled eggs... and that's just how I had them (ahh... the power of advertising). When I was 7 or 8 years old, I was forced fed a heaping spoonful of this grey matter w/scrambled eggs by my "best friend". It looked like fried cat food and tasted even worse. I guess it's an "acquired" taste.

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